Google knows EVERYTHING

On Friday we were sat having a coffee near the Templo de Debod, when my girlfriend said "That guy looks like Alejandro Amenábar," about the chap who'd stopped nearby. He was shouting after his dog, who was running around excitedly, and then off they went. Of course, I had no idea what Amenábar looked like, so we couldn't decide if it had really been him or not, but I figured in this day and age you can find out anything on the internet. So I googled "what is the name of Alejandro Amenábar's dog?" Sure enough, this page came up, and there he is with his dog, Kiko!

"Abre Los Ojos" was probably the first Spanish-language film I ever watched, so it was funny to see the director of it cycle by in front of me. Which reminds me... I must get round to watching "Agora" on Netflix.