The Metro: La Latina

I always kinda assumed Madrid's La Latina district was so called because it was historically the neighbourhood where Latin American immigrants came to live, or it was just named after Shakira or something. In actual fact, the station gets its name from a woman from Salamanca - Beatriz Galindo, born in the 15th Century. Her nickname comes from her extraordinary talent for Latin - such was her scholarship that at the age of 21 she was appointed teacher of Queen Isabel's children, including Catherine of Aragon (you know, Henry VIII's first wife). Some say she was also a friend and confidante of the Queen herself, one of the most powerful people in the world at the time.

She lived in the neighbourhood that now bears her name, one of the oldest parts of Madrid, although now more famous for nightlife and bars. Highly intelligent, cultured and humanitarian, she died in 1534 around the age of 70.