The Margaret Thatcher Colouring Book

Earlier this year, I was commissioned to produce a colouring book featuring pictures of Margaret Thatcher. Given that I've always felt antipathy and distrust towards her, it was a weird topic to be handed as the subject of my first book. Outright satire felt somewhat irrelevant, since a) she's dead and b) there's plenty of fantastic examples produced throughout the eighties anyway. So I opted for the position of "misinformed biography". Ironically, that resulted in me having to do quite a lot of research into Thatcher's life, in order to then deliberately present them inaccurately.
But now, as the UK's second Tory female PM takes up office, you can seize this opportunity to learn absolutely nothing about our first, whilst simultaneously wasting hours of your life colouring in her face. What a bargain!

You can pre-order the book on or Anyone who emails me a photo of a page they've coloured in I will endeavour to reward with a personalised piece of art.