Wedding Sketcher

I offer a Wedding Sketching service - you can hire me to do a series of live sketches at your wedding. This would normally consist of between 3 and 12 drawings, done in pen and watercolour, covering the location, the ceremony, the guests, reception, meal and dancing etc. Rather than the portrait or caricature service offered by many artists that only work from photos, this is intended to capture the atmosphere of the event by being on location, drawing the day as it unfolds, and to complement the traditional wedding photography.

Each commission will be tailored individually in terms of size, quantity of drawings, materials etc. The finished original drawings will be presented in a special book or folder, according to your wishes, and collected in person or shipped by registered post.

To find out more about prices, and what options are available, send me an email by clicking the button below, giving a brief overview of the event details - date, time, location etc and any specific requirements you might have.