Just after Easter, I took my girlfriend to the recording of her favourite show - El Intermedio.

That's me, bottom left, with the big head.

Every Mon - Thurs, El Intermedio goes out live at 9.30pm. It's been running for ten years now, since La Sexta (Spain's sixth TV channel) began. Billed as a satirical news programme, I guess you could call it the Spanish version of America's The Daily Show, but I would say it has a stronger focus on straight journalism, interviews and political commentary, in amongst the tongue-in-cheek stuff.

It's hosted by Sandra Sabatés (who presents the more serious stories) and El Gran Wyoming, a sort of friendlier J Jonah Jameson, who famously says at the start of each programme "Ya conocen las noticias, ahora les contaremos la verdad..." ("You've heard the news, now we'll tell you the truth")

The above is what Wyoming said when, during an advert break, the cameraman noticed I'd been sketching away in a little notebook, and put it up on the monitors for all to see, which would have been very flattering if it hadn't been a bit of a rubbish sketch... So rather than post that, I've drawn this caricature instead.

At home, because it's live, the Spanish subtitles are always delayed, making them next to useless, but in the studio they had a teleprompter showing the script, so I actually followed along a lot better than normal.