Let's Walk - part 2

Sway through the crowd to a Mayor Place

Bowie and Frampton continue their walk through Plaza de Jacinto Benavente, to Calle de la Bolsa, where Peter Frampton is refused a haircut.

The little barbershop, called Sanabria, has been there 97 years, and although it's changed somewhat over the years - new tiles, new layout inside, they've still got a curtain hanging across the door, to keep out unwanted hippy types like Peter. My own hair was getting pretty long too, so in the interest of 'research' I went along and got a cut. What should come on the radio but "Life on Mars?". 

From there, they head across the Plaza de Santa Cruz and towards the Plaza Mayor, or as the anonymous Record Exec man in the suit that's accompanying them refers to it, "the Mayor Place".
At last they get their drink, at the bar called "Plaza Mayor Cervercería Dos".

I'll be exhibiting all these drawings, along with more from the route, at Picnic Bar, in Malasaña throughout April. It's my first exhibition in Madrid, so if you're in the area, come along and see it! Prints and originals are now available to buy here: brenville.com/la-ruta-bowie

If you want to walk La Ruta Bowie yourself, I've created these directions on Google Maps: